Driving Overseas? Watch Out For These…

From slashed tyres and minor scratches to stolen vehicles and devastating crashes, if you’re driving in another country, it’s not uncommon for something to go awry.

Celebrate Canberra’s 100 Years

With Canberra celebrating its centenary this year – it has now been 100 years since the city was named – the nation’s capital has been showcasing its culture with a variety of new attractions and exh...

Maison Soleil, a Seychelles Bargain

Seychelles has the reputation of being an expensive travel destination, so it may come as a surprise to know there is a place to stay on the main island, Mahé, where the cost of a room is an unexpect...

Asian cruises set to be 2014 travel trend

London-based marketing intelligence firm Euromonitor International released its annual Global Trends Report earlier this week. Included in the top travel trends for 2014 were cruises in Asia