Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit US

Newlyweds Prince William and Kate Middleton’s impending visit to California next month has tourism operators excited it will give a much needed boost to the travel industry.

3 Ways To Tap Into The Power Of Social Media

Over 75% of Internet consumers use social media in some form or other, so if you're not using it you may be missing out on a big opportunity. Getting involved doesn't have to be complicated.

Cultour starts next week

The third edition of CULTOUR, Global Heritage and Cultural Travel Exhibition, will open on June 22nd in Quito, Ecuador.

Prince Edward Island: better than the book

It started with a book. And though its pages are now yellowing and spotted with mould, the red cliffs and rolling hills within are as vivid now as they were when I was young.

OBrochure Experience Guide – Philippine

Perhaps it’s the invitation of clear blue waters as they tickle white sandy shores. Maybe it’s the people, renowned for their hospitality. Or it could be the tantalising tropical cuisine, the first-r...

Canada prepares for Royal travel spike

UK and Aussie travel into Canada is expected to see a royal rise from early next month, as Prince William and Kate Middleton plan an 11 day official visit to the US and Canada.