The Rock and more at Pow Wow 2011

Pow Wow 2011 delegates were treated to a harbour cruise on the Hornblower Belle before arriving at the world's most popular jail, Alcatraz, followed by an exclusive event at Pier 39 for an evening of...

Egypt arrivals halve

Egypt lost almost half of its travel during the first quarter of this year, with the political disruptions against then President Hosni Mubarak forcing travellers to cancel trips into the region.

Recall of 9/11 flight numbers slammed

Management at United Airlines are under fire following the “inadvertent” reinstatement of flight numbers 93 and 175 – flight numbers identical to aircraft used in the terrorist attacks of 11 Septembe...

Bin Laden to boost Pakistan tourism

Pakistan’s tourism industry said it is expecting the murder of Osama bin Laden to boost tourism into the region US forces detained him.

Trunk-spotting in Thanda

Despite their size, elephants aren’t always easy to spot on a safari. So, when I came across a giant ‘bull’ (male elephant) on my first-ever game drive in Thanda Private Game Reserve in South Africa,...

Music pumps up UK tourism

Music tourism is leaping by the millions in the UK, attracting up to 7.7 million visitors and injecting £1.4 billion in the economy last year.