Virgin Galactic launches space travel, hotels

Virgin Galactic is set to deliver commercial space travel within 18 months, with space hotels the next frontier, according to billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson.

Slower Growth in August

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced international scheduled traffic results for August indicating year-on-year increases of a 6.4% for passenger and 19.6% for cargo.

Southwest to buy AirTran for USD$1.4bn

Southwest Airlines has announced its acquisition of AirTran Holdings for USD$1.4 billion in a cash and stock merger of two of the biggest discount carriers in the US.

Italy to ditch airport body scanners

Italy's government is looking to abandon the use of full-body scanners at its major airports, after a six-month trial period has deemed them too slow and ineffective.

Faulty costs leave airlines needing a seat

Airlines are fretting over the costs of carrying out checks on more than 100,000 potentially faulty passenger seats after safety authorities proposed a crackdown.