Air tax for all Europe: Germany’s Ramsauer


The proposed German air passenger tax should be taken up by other European countries German transport Minister Peter Ramsauer urged last week, reported Reuters.

"I am promoting a course of action that is as consistent as possible," Mr Ramsauer told local media.

Part of €80 billion budget measures, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced last month a controversial plan to charge airlines a German air passenger tax from 2011.

Airlines will have to pay €13 to €26 per passenger under the proposal, costs which are sure to be passed on to all passengers travelling through or to the region, reported the news service.

The scheme has sparked protest from airlines and lobby groups who claim the industry is still too fragile to support such a measure.

Should the air tax go ahead, the German Airline Association (BDF) forecasts German passenger numbers to drop by five million per year and the loss of 10,000 German jobs to other countries.

According to Reuters, the German Economy Ministry also question the effectiveness of the proposal, fearing the tax could lower traffic, negating any revenue raised from the tax.

A similar tax introduced in the Netherlands was repealed after the Dutch economy loss €1.2 billion.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: G.A
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