Be ready for the post election surge

Be ready for the post election surge

The lead up to federal elections is seldom good for the travel business, but potentially great afterwards. Be ready

The Bad News

The hypermedia cycle will have you believing that politics in Australia is disastrous, which is why we need an election, which sells lots of ad space, with the option to stimulate the hypermedia cycle even further….

The “pending” election and tit-for-tat politics drive negative sentiment and financial conservatism .  In other words, extracting a travel dollar from your customers may be tricky over the next few months.

Naturally, because we have so much in common with politics of Europe, the states and Russia, the east coast of Australia will fall off a cliff, our electric cars will run out of batteries and Alice Springs will become the new coastal resort.

Now that we are in April which is disrupted by Easter, school holidays and Anzac Day, and getting closer to the end of the financial year, there is a chance that things might go slow until a boom on July 1. It’s happened before.

The Good News

 Unlike the last general election, it “seems” “reasonably clear-cut” (depending on which poll you look at) that we will see a change in government. Statistically it’s about time. Once the public accept a probable result (and the media no longer sees value in trying to drive alternative sentiment) then they begin resuming business as usual. This seems to happen three weeks before.

Post-election is all good news as the new opposition retires and hopefully the new government gets on with governing. As soon as the signals hit the market, it’s time to spool up that pre-election plan to drive business.

It’s an opportunity – be ready

Times like this are a great time for rejuvenation planning.

  • Been flat out this year? Great! If the phone is not ringing, take a few days off
  • Use that time to step back, review your travel business, identify issues and if you can, start addressing them
  • Think about some witty catchphrases  “Tired of politics? We can fix that with a trip to…..”
  • Continue capturing query details for customized follow-up post-election


We’ve had elections before. The sun keeps rising and business will pick up. Alice Springs will stay where it is.


Fortune favours the prepared – be ready and all the best for the rest of the financial year


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