Nomadix Initiates Lawsuit to Enforce Its Network Gateway Patents


Nomadix, Inc., the leading provider of network gateway devices, has filed a patent infringement lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.  In the suit, Nomadix seeks damages and an injunction for the unauthorised use of its patents protecting Nomadix’s fundamental innovations in mobile computing and network access technology.  The defendants accused of infringement are Hewlett-Packard Company, Wayport, Inc., iBAHN Corporation, Guest-Tek Interactive Entertainment Ltd., Guest-Tek Interactive Entertainment, Inc., LodgeNet Interactive Corporation, LodgeNet StayOnline, Inc., On Command Corporation, Aruba Networks, Inc., Superclick, Inc. and Superclick Networks, Inc.

Nomadix’s intellectual property portfolio includes more than 100 U.S. and foreign patents for foundational inventions in mobile computing and network access, eight of which are involved in this litigation.  Several of the patents involved in the litigation were awarded for networking innovations that allow a visiting mobile computer to access the Internet at hotels, airports, coffee houses, or other public access points, without any reconfiguration of the mobile computer. Dr. Leonard Kleinrock, Distinguished Professor of Computer Science at UCLA and recipient of the 2008 National Medal of Science, invented this technology in the mid-1990s with Dr. Joel Short and the two used these innovations as the basis for founding Nomadix. 

“Over the history of Nomadix, considerable resources have been invested in developing and delivering leading-edge network gateway technology.  Nomadix’s innovations have allowed millions of people to travel to virtually any hotel or hot spot around the world and connect to the Internet to gain immediate access to the resources they need,” said Charles Reed, CEO of DOCOMO interTouch Pte. Ltd., which acquired Nomadix in January 2008. 
“As a world leading technology partner to the hospitality industry, DOCOMO interTouch takes pride in furnishing our customers with the most innovative and dynamic solutions. Valued partners like Nomadix provide us with proprietary technology that is at the heart of the products and solutions we offer, and we cannot allow competitors to make use of that technology in disregard of our intellectual property rights.”

Source = Nomadix
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