Flight Review JetBlue Flight 86 Seattle to New York JFK Economy Class 15 November 2009


JetBlue Flight 86
Seattle to New York JFK
Economy Class
15 November 2009

SEA was nearly silent for a Sunday night redeye to New York’s JFK airport.  Having check-in online through the JetBlue website and not having any bags to check, I went directly to Security where there was no one waiting at all.

An overnight flight in Economy Class has all the makings of a traveller’s worst nightmare.  All the ingredients were there:  infants, toddlers, phone addicts, coughers, sneezers, and the odd snorer.  That was just in the departure gate.  Mercifully, the scenario on board was total calm and tranquillity.  With passengers’ comfort in mind, all flight announcements were made early so that those people wanting to sleep could do so.  The sky was crystal clear, lending itself to beautiful views of the stars above and the cities and towns below.  As always, JetBlue provided an array of complimentary soft drinks and snacks to the few people wanting to eat in the middle of the night.  JetBlue’s leather seats are buttery soft and very comfortable, which made napping easier.  The legroom in JetBlue Economy Class is noticeably more spacious than in the average Economy Class; no knees knocking the seat in front. 

Arriving at JetBlue’s new Terminal 5 at JFK was a step into the future for US airports.  An airy design, spacious layout, good signage, and free WiFi all added to the atmosphere of happy flying.  During morning and evening rush hours, the convenience of the Air Train linking the airport to the train system beats the traffic to Manhattan.

With an ever-expanding network of flights across the United States, the Caribbean, and Central and South America, JetBlue is forging ahead with plans to further entrench it as the leading low-cost carrier in the country.  The free satellite television viewing is a big draw for passengers, but even without that aspect, the JetBlue flight experience is one of the best Economy Class options in US skies.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: R.L.B

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