BA creates aircraft out of…. pillowcases?

  The Gherkin was created using First cushion covers and socks.

When a British Airways passanger walks onto the aircraft, they can expect to be greeted with a warm smile, have a copy of High Life magazine waiting for them and be able to get comfortable with one of BA's pillows.

What the passanger doesn't however see is that 6,120kgs worth of items are unloaded and reloaded before every take off on a typical jumbo jet aircraft.

With up to 337 guests to take care of, this is what it takes to make the flight run smoothly:

1,263 items of metal cutlery
1,291 items of china crockery
538 meal trays
735 glasses
650 paper cups
34 metal teapots
220 drinks stirrers
500 coasters
233 toothpicks
2,000 ice cubes
99 full bottles and 326 quarter bottles of wine
700 small cans of fizzy drinks
164 bags of nuts in Club World
337 cushions and pillows
337 sets of headphones
337 headrest covers
435 air sickness bags
58 toilet rolls
40 extension seatbelts for children
340 safety cards
337 copies of High Life magazine
40 skyflyer packs for children
5 first aid kits.

To help emphasise the jumbo job that goes on, employees from across the airline decided to create an image of a British Airways aircraft flying through London, using the above materials as inspiration:

Clouds – created using pillowcases, toilet roll, hand towels and napkins.
Sky – created using Club World blankets and blue roll (kitchen roll.)
Aircraft – created using pillowcases, cabin crew sleeping bags, First blankets, china, headrest
covers, Skyflyer bags for children and headrest covers.
Aircraft windows – created using bags of nuts.
Aircraft tailfin – the red parts are created using headset bags and extension seatbelts for children.
London Eye (London skyline) – created using a teapot, metal cutlery, china and socks.
The Shard (London skyline) – created using tea and coffee bags.
The Gherkin (London skyline) – created using First cushion covers and socks.
Tower Bridge (London skyline) – created using First slippers and Club World washbags
Big Ben’s Tower (London skyline) – created using air sickness bags, a plate and metal cutlery (clock face)
Buildings (London skyline) – created using oven trays, glasses, safety cards, tongs and copies of High Life magazine.

Watch how they made the image come to life below.


Source = e-Travel Blackboard: A.N
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