Will it be Cash, Saving or Credit for your next holiday?

“Only got $20 in my pocket…” but still travelling!
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In 2013 it seems to be that everyone is set to take a holiday, no matter what the size of their wallet is.

According to a recent Skyscanner survey of nternational travellers, 71 percent of respondents were intending to take more than one holiday this year and 42 percent were even planning on taking three breaks.

The report suggested that some people dipped into their savings in 2012 to go on their holidays, whilst others had been saving up since their previous trip, which is lucky as 59 percent admitted to going over their allocated budget when on holidays.

With 58 percent of those surveyed saying that they would find a way to travel regardless of their financial situation, it’s no surprise that 16 percent took out the plastic for their much needed break, with two percent even borrowing from family and friends to help enhance their experience.

Do you still travel when you’re low on cash?

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: A.N.
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