Turkey new archeological discoveries

turkey 1Turkey new archeological discoveries

With new discoveries of ancient communities and cosmopolitan modern cities, archaeologists and travelers alike are unearthing the millennia of secrets that make Turkey the sixth-most visited tourism destination in the world.

The Turkish Office of Culture and Tourism is excited to announce that one of the largest and most complex underground cities was discovered in March 2015 in the otherworldly region of Cappadocia.

This 5,000 year old underground city was unearthed under the Nevşehir fortress. Discovered while constructing new buildings, the underground city is considered one of the largest and most complex underground cities in the region with 3.5 miles of tunnels, secret churches, tombs and safe havens. The multilevel settlement is likely to include living spaces, kitchens, wineries, chapels, and staircases.

The city – estimated to be a third bigger than the previously discovered Derinkuyu – was built to protect residents from invaders, but remains largely unexplored. Early studies suggest the underground corridors may go as deep as 371ft. Millions of years ago, volcanic activity covered the region under several layers of ash. Erosion then created a landscape of rock formations and spires known as ‘fairy chimneys.’

Source = Turkish Office of Culture and Tourism
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