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Flight Attendant To Passenger:  "Is Everything Perfect?"

It’s always a pleasure to fly from Zurich Airport, smaller than monoliths like Heathrow and Frankfurt airports and very well organised.  The people management skills of the Swiss allow for some of the shortest boarding times in the business; in these days of endless pre-departures procedures, spending more time relaxing in the Business Class lounge is much more appealing an option than standing around waiting for the door to open.  Check-in and Immigration had been uneventful—in a good way—leaving ample time for a visit to the Business Class lounge right by the departure gate.  With quiet corners, extensive reading material, and an impressive buffet, the lounge offered guests a variety of ambiences in which to enjoy themselves. 

The ambience on board the SWISS A340 was equally appealing.  Current Business Class interiors on SWISS longhaul flights are done in discreet tones of brown and black, giving a clubby feel to the cabin.  The flight was not full and there was space to spread out, making the inflight experience seem more personal still.  SWISS has already begun introducing its next generation of Business Class seats on its services between Zurich and New York, with the entire fleet to be done eventually; this will only serve to enhance the already impressive inflight experience.

SWISS flights between Zurich and Shanghai feature Chinese crew in addition to Swiss crew, and the Asian touch with regard to hospitality on board is immediately noticed and welcomed.  An unusually hot day in Zurich had me soaked with perspiration.  Taking action to remedy a passenger’s distress, the flight attendant offered a cold towel and drink immediately, without prompting but with a smile.  As on previous SWISS flights, it was good to be in the cocoon of Business Class comfort and attention.

The standard of hospitality on board only increased as the flight continued for its eleven hours in the air.  Lunch was served, as usual offering the famous Taste Of Switzerland option, this month produced by chef Dani Jann-Annen, as well as a wonderful vegetarian option from Zurich’s acclaimed restaurant Hiltl, the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Europe, established in 1898. 

The cabin settled down for the overnight flight, but the flight attendants did not disappear for hours as some do; instead, their presence was constant, ensuring no need went unmet.  Breakfast before landing was not served on a set tray, but instead dish by dish according to passengers’ preferences.  Again, personal attention stood out.  It’s not often one is asked "Is everything perfect?" on board flights these days, lest the answer be two letters long instead of three, but this is exactly the question I was asked by the kindly gentleman whose dedication to service was as apparent as his charisma.  I was happy to answer with three.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: R.L.B
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