The Ritz-Carlton Beijing: For As Long As We Both Shall Live

Ritz-Carlton Beijing at China Central Place

Do I Love This Hotel? I Do.

The Ritz-Carlton Beijing has been one of Beijing's most impressive hotels since its opening in December 2007.  No wonder.  With a convenient Chaoyang location for business and a plum spot adjacent to upscale China Central Place for shopping, Ritz-Carlton Beijing offers in eastern Beijing what its sister property Ritz-Carlton Beijing Financial Street offers in western Beijing:  outstanding comfort and attention in stylish surroundings.

This Ritz-Carlton property is almost more of an urban resort than simply a hotel.  Guests can easily spend their entire visit to Beijing contented by the excellent cuisine, relaxing spa treatments, and warm hospitality offered unfailingly by every member of the staff from maids to managers.  I always say it's the people who make the deepest impressions no matter how beautiful a hotel, and Ritz-Carlton Beijing's employees prove me right again.

entrance to the Davidoff Lounge

The only hotel in Beijing with its own wedding chapel, Ritz-Carlton Beijing is home to a supremely serene space where something ethereal is in the air.  Gardenias? Tuberose?  The all-white chapel sets off the colours of the stained-glass window which commands attention in the centre of the room.  Even the wedding planning room is beautiful and makes decisions about all those many details that much easier, with lots of samples and suggestions close at hand.  Lucky newlyweds can partake of the hotel's regal Rolls-Royce Phantom for a majestic sendoff in one of the world's great motorcars, which of course is also available to all of the hotel's guests for shopping, sightseeing, or airport transfers. 

Ritz-Carlton Beijing at China Central Place

Fine dining is as much part of this property as fine accommodation, and with several venues available, guests can choose to be sated by endless dishes of delicious food in the elegant surroundings of Yu, where an extensive tea bar is supervised by a tea master, and Barolo, Ritz-Carlton Beijing's Italian restaurant.  After dinner, cigar aficionados may wish to withdraw to one of the rooms of the Davidoff Lounge located in a discreetly extravagant area of the hotel, past the grand salon where afternoon tea is offered to guests by now accustomed by being spoiled; for example, the hotel's Executive Club, yet another world of indulgence, offers five food services a day in a vast space that maintains an uncrowded feeling.

Ritz-Carlton Beijing's wedding planning room

For those tantalised by physical pleasure, the spa is a wonderland of options, including chromotherapy baths and an array of appealing treatments, including the signature Ritz Fusion.  A treatment may be particularly welcome after a workout in the state of the art fitness room, where Technogym's top of the line Kinesis equipment makes pre-dessert exercise a reward in itself, without the whipped cream.

Not that you will even want to leave the room, especially if staying in one of the perfectly appointed Executive Suites.  Truly homes away from home, the vast one-bedroom suites are well laid out, with smart floorplans keeping social and private spaces separate, yet the rooms still flow well. Off the bedroom, a big dressing room (with a window) leads to an enormous bathroom big enough for a party—and most anyone staying at The Ritz-Carlton Beijing will be happy enough to throw one.



No wonder guests feel at home
Ritz-Carlton Beijing's Rolls-Royce Phantom epitomises the property's elegance


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