SureSave Launches New Consumer Mobile App

suresave app

SureSave is pleased to announce the launch of its new app, designed to travel with customers, offering them help and assistance wherever they are.  Available with every policy purchase as a free download on iOS devices, the app represents the company’s entry into the mobile space.

Michael Callaghan, General Manager at SureSave, says this is the one of many initiatives to be launched by the recently refreshed company.

“Last month, we launched our new brand proposition, ‘Help that’s designed for travellers’, along with a new Agent website.  The introduction of a travel safety app was a natural next step for providing agents with another way of looking out for their customers.  Our app gives travellers instant access to travel safety information, local insights and policy information, specific to their individual journey,” says Michael.

“The app also features an audio phrasebook and essentials on what to do before travellers leave or when they get home.  If a customer purchases a SureSave policy to Paris and London, as an example, we provide them with tailored information relevant to their destinations.  We’ve also taken our expert travel advice to the next level, by leveraging the app as a platform to proactively alert our travellers to any critical travel information that relates to their destinations,” adds Michael.

With the new SureSave app, travellers can:

  • View their personal travel insurance policy on the go;
  • Directly access SureSave’s Emergency Assistance and Claims department from anywhere in the world;
  • Store destination information and access audio phrasebooks tailored for their trip;
  • Find out what to do before they travel and tips for when they return (for example, visas, passports and vaccination requirements); and
  • Sync regularly to receive alerts and advice to help them stay safe.

“We’re pleased to provide our agent partners with a clear point of differentiation when selling travel insurance to their customers.  We know that our agents’ customers are often travelling to unfamiliar destinations and they are looking for pocket-sized expertise and advice that travels with them, which is where our app comes in.  The app gives our customers, and their agents, the peace of mind that all the information they need is right there in their pocket,” says Michael.

Source = SureSave
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