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In my dreams, images of my ideal vacation to Italy used to conjure up scenes of binge shopping for Armani and Prada, stopping to see a Michelangelo fresco while devouring pasta marinara, risotto with pesto and gelato…lots of gelato.

But after my visit to Adler Thermae Tuscany, I’ve re-evaluated the dream. My image of Italy has been transformed to one of escape from the rat race, bike through the lush, green hills, relax in the therapeutic thermal waters, indulge in a spa treatment and enjoy health conscious cuisine. It’s not just a dream vacation. It’s a way of life.

Wellness and a healthy lifestyle have moved up in priority for Italians and Adler Thermae Tuscany is a testament to this new agenda. If spas were rated by designers this would be the Gucci of European spas.


This property, an hour from Siena, is located in the village of Bagno Vignoni, in the hills above Val d’Orcia. A UNESCO World Heritage site, this region provides endless views of undulating fields of wheat and pristinely situated cypress trees amongst the rolling hills.

The presence of warm water beneath the soil gives Adler Thermae the waters that feed its pools and its spa. The mineral fortified water flows out of the ground at a temperature of 51 degrees Celsius. These waters, rich in sodium chloride, calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium sulfates and other minerals, are soothing for bones, skin and joints, with healing properties for ailments such as osteoarthritis, rheumatism, circulation, and skin disorders.

Consider a de-stress wine therapy including a bath of grape-seeds and Tuscan wine, or a grape anti-aging massage and facial treatment.  The variety of saunas and steam rooms, each with unique properties leaves one feeling invigorated and energized.

What really makes the spa world-class is the staff, with over 40 wellness specialists and doctors who provide vitality and holistic well-being, rooted in both western and Asian tradition. Specialized programs include detox and weight loss, stress management, and anti-aging, with a full array of internal diagnostics such as blood tests, cardiology, thyroid, ultrasound, gastro, lactate, and varicose vein treatments.


The options for fitness are endless and we only wished there were more hours in the day. We went from aqua yoga to Pilates then meditation and Nordic walking. We left the property for a ride through the Tuscan hills on electric mountain bikes that offered that extra push over the hills. A magnificent jogging trail extends over almost 14 kilometers along a nature path. The wild river is an area of the pool where the jet streams come to life and carry one full force around a small island, leaving adults and children in a fit of laughter.

Children are more than welcome at Adler Thermae with an exclusive Aki Kids Club that takes children throughout the property so that they aren’t limited to the confines of a playroom.  Activities include swimming pool games, treasure hunts, yoga, adventure playground, bar-b-ques and even horseback riding. The Club, open daily until 10pm, allows both children and adults a sense of independence while fully enjoying the facilities. Our children were so thrilled with the activities that it was hard to pull them away. They were made to feel especially welcome by the staff, who showed dynamic, outgoing personalities.

The cuisine plays a major role in nurturing the mind and body connection. The Adler’s talented chefs have created superb “fitness and health” menus featuring delicious vitamin packed, calorie conscious dishes as well as indulgent home-style native Tuscan specialties. The property’s lavish herb garden and vineyard help supply the chefs so that a masterpiece of Tuscan cuisine is served at every meal.

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Whether you’re seeking a medically designed and supervised regime that includes prescribed diets, activities and educational programs or simply want a wellness-focused vacation in a beautiful setting complete with wonderful food, wine and health and beauty treatments, Adler Thermae takes the mind, body and spirit connection seriously. For the fine couture of luxury spas Adler Thermae Tuscany stands apart.


  1. Upon arrival, plan your stay by consulting the schedule of excursions and the fitness calendar, both of which will be provided at check in.

Daily off-premises activities include complimentary excursions to enjoy the poetic beauty of the neighboring Tuscan towns and special guided walking and biking tours.

  1. For an array of biking tours in the region, download the free app titled “Hotel Adler Thermae”.
  1. The dry and steam saunas are included for use of all adults and should form part of one’s daily pampering routine.
  1. Don’t be shy about walking around in your bathrobe, even to breakfast. That’s all part of the culture.
  1. Book spa treatments in advance of your visit.
  1. After dinner, prepare to relax in the resort’s lobby area with nightly live entertainment.
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