China soon to be world’s largest travel market

China is still on track to becoming the world’s largest travel market, following a significant increase in outbound international tourism.

The first-ever Chinese International Travel Monitor (CITM), conducted by, revealed a whopping year-on-year 22 percent rise in Chinese international travelers in 2011.

And travel industry experts have predicted China may overtake the United States and Germany as the world’s largest outbound tourism market over the course of the next few years, as governments continue to relax visa laws for Chinese visitors.

“The Chinese made a staggering 70 million international trips in 2011 and while many of these were to Hong Kong and Macau, the number going further afield is growing significantly,” managing director John Svanstrom said.

“Implementing strategies to cater specifically to this burgeoning source market is moving from nice-to-have to a competitive necessity.”

The study also revealed that the attitude and profile of international Chinese travelers is changing “as they become increasingly more independent, confident, younger and more familiar with foreign cultures and customs”.

Shopping is still a major priority for Chinese tourists and there is “a clear opportunity for the hotel industry to grab a share of that spend propensity for the stay experience itself”, according to the CITM report.

The ever-increasing Chinese economy has been a major factor in encouraging the Chinese middle-class to venture abroad and visit international destinations.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.T
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