Norfolk Island Water In Colours: Jewellery Seas


The view from the national park.

By definition, an island is surrounded by water. How lucky for Norfolk Island, then, that the water around it is so beautiful. Straddling two climate zones as they do, the seas surrounding Norfolk Island show off the deep blue of the open ocean, the brilliant aquamarine and turquoise of a tropical beach, and the emerald green of a picturesque bay. Add into these the extravagant colour almost like a lollipop blue that rides on top of the others to give it a uniquely Norfolk appearance.

Sea enthusiasts are certainly in their element on Norfolk Island. The sheltered waters of the bay fronting the Kingston & Arthur’s Vale Historic Area are a natural bath for swimming protected from the ocean by a coral reef suitable for snorkelling to see the abundant fish as well as the wreck of the HMS Sirius, a ship that was the lifeline of Norfolk Islanders before its demise in the current location, ironically just offshore so close to land. With its mix of currents and temperatures, the sea around Norfolk Island attracts fishes of many types, which makes fishing here a major pastime easily enjoyed by the casual visitor who takes part on an outing offered by Charter Marine, whose owner Dave Bigg is happy to customise tours suited to the client’s wishes, including treks on the uninhabited Philip island just off the coast of Norfolk.

Even for those who prefer to stay on dry land, the sea plays a part in the beautiful panoramas seen across the island and also in the delicious meals enjoyed at Norfolk Island restaurants, where only the freshest of fish is served. No need to order bottled water in a place where the tap water is among the best-tasting in the world.


View from The White House.

For wonderful views of the water from your accommodation, a stay at The White House provides privacy and comfort along with a panorama of the South Pacific. On a private parcel of lush bushland, The White House is a five-bedroom home available for holiday rental and managed to a very high standard by Cumberland Resort & Spa. The house’s floorplan with bedrooms on two different floors makes it a perfect place to stay for families with children or friends travelling together.

The scenery of Norfolk Island is best seen with Rick Kleiner, a guide who knows all the ins and outs of the coves, inlets, bays, and beaches that constitute the island’s beautiful coastline. To have an idea of the splendid waters surrounding the island, the Norfolk Island Tourism website is a well-designed source of information about things to do and places to see both on land and in the water.


Cumberland Resort.


Anson Bay.

For some aquamarines, emeralds, and turquoise to take home, stop in at Duncans Jewellers in Burnt Pine to see a lovely collection of items for sale at prices far below those of the Australian mainland. Owner Brett Sanderson’s eclectic eye sees the shop stocked with numerous unique items of interest, at the moment including some pieces from the estate of actress Elizabeth Taylor.

Norfolk Island is easily accessible in about two hours’ flying time with Air New Zealand‘s nonstop flights from Brisbane and Sydney and only one hour forty-five minutes from Auckland. (Cumberland Resort) (Charter Marine)


Source = ETB News: Robert La Bua

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