New Jersey’s Atlantic City welcomes LGBT tourists


A new growth strategy for Atlantic City, New Jersey places the gay community as a paramount figurehead to reinvigorate what once was in the metropolis.

In the near future, Atlantic City has planned a series of events to attractive members of the gay community to visit the city.

Mayor Don Guardian said that the aim is to refresh the area into the lively, and once-thriving location it used to be.

“This is where you came when you wanted to have a good time. Straight people came to these places, too, because they wanted to party and dance in the hottest clubs,” said Guardian.

Events aimed at the gay community include Sand Blast, a 3-day beach party weekend, the StandOUT Expo, a networking event for the LGBT community, and the Miss’d America Pageant, a drag spoof of the famous pageant.

The Mayor has promised that everyone in Atlantic City is gay friendly and has even designated a gay friendly beach in Park Place.

Mayor Guardian hopes the thousands of gay and lesbian visitors who come to Atlantic City will leave very impressed with the invigorated city and consider it a place to buy a second home.

Source = ETB News: Lewis Wiseman
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