Day Two – Discovering Disney Wonder

  Beach Blanket Buffet

What a thrill it is not to set your alarm on a weekday. After being rocked to sleep and waking to the gorgeous mountains on the outskirts of Canada, being able to enjoy the ever changing view and setting from ones bedroom is really quite a joy that can only be found in cruising.

Picking up my Daily Navigator, which describes the day’s activities, split into categories for families, children, teens and adults, I survey that I have already missed the group cycling class but am in time for a seminar on fitness.  Well at least it’ll lead me to the spa area where the fitness room is situated.

Venturing across the decks and into the spa, I am quite surprised to see so many people exercising on the second day of the cruise. A variety of high-tech machines are set up against the panoramic windows, which technically should offer even more reason to get active, but I sit down amongst others to listen to the interesting talk led by South African nutritionist Peter.  

Ironically, his talk about diet finishes at lunch time. Three restaurants have been set up for lunch service, two of which a buffet and Tritons, a more formal dining option for sit-down a la carte. I opt to venture into Tritons, where a table for one is easily located. With six different appetizers, six entrees (main courses) and five desserts, there is definitely something for everyone. A good array of diet-conscious food is also available.

Deciding to roam the decks and various afternoon entertainment offerings, I venture into room after room filled with families having good natured fun together.  The "Wave Room" features family trivia with brave mums, dad’s and kids all pitched against each other in a jovial manner.  The family bingo is a little more competitive, as is the outdoor soccer. 

Before boarding, dinner allocations are assigned to every guest, including which seating (earlier at 6pm or later at 8:15) and restaurant which are rotated throughout the cruise. It allows families who prefer to dine earlier with the kids or later alone the choice and freedom to do so and also gives people a sense of variety with different types of cuisine offered. 

This is in addition to the all-day dining offered at the pizza, hotdog and sandwich stations located across the top decks.

Palo, a high-end Italian inspired restaurant is the only eatery on board that requires a surcharge, and for only US$20 pp, it is well worth the experience at least once on the cruise. The adults-only high end dining must be pre-booked, but offering a wide array of options, it meets off-shore Michelin star standards from service, wine selection and cuisine. The formal dining attire is also a nice reason to ‘dress up’ whilst on the cruise, and offering panoramic views; the restaurant is a hot spot for couples or those wanting a more intimate dining experience.

It is safe to say, coupled with 24 hour room service; no passenger, even the pickiest diner, could possibly go hungry on this cruise.

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