Virtual tourism showing real growth: nDreams

Visiting Mexico in the future may only take seconds

Digital tourism may be the next big thing in tourism, with a recently launched floating archipelago receiving over a million visitors in its first six weeks; more than the Taj Mahal and London Eye combined.

Developed within the fast-growing PlayStation® Home virtual world by UK publisher nDreams, ‘Aurora’ gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy digital views, games, and even the chance to buy their own floating island.    
“We certainly didn’t expect to have so many visitors in such a short timeframe,” nDreams chief executive Patrick O’Luanaigh said.

“The space itself is still in a very early stage; we have so much more planned for Aurora, and we’ll be adding to it regularly.”

The nDreams boss said that virtual worlds offered “a great way to escape from the stresses and strains of real-life without having to jump on a plane”.

“And we believe that the next decade will see rapid growth in the number and the quality of virtual world experiences available online.”

Jetaround Holidays managing director Zaia Bazi told e-Travel Blackboard he wasn’t concerned about the growing interest in virtual tourism, saying digital sightseeing could only “inspire people to travel” and never replace the real thing.

“An image, even a 3D one, could never offer the same real-life experiences conventional travelling does,” Mr Bazi said.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: M.H
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