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Guide to making MEETINGS work


You and your team are busy so REALISE, VISUALISE and CAPITALISE by holding regular meetings.

Meetings are a fundamental tool for travel businesses to help assess what has been happening, what is in progress and what has to be done in the future. Travel businesses need to look at meetings as a necessity to be held week to week….YES EVERY WEEK. No matter how busy you and your team think you are.

The fact is that no matter what your time constraints are you will be even busier without having regular meetings with your team. Without meetings, it can lead to problems with communications, human resources, finance, operations and business growth.

Meetings work best when they are planned and structured to bring out the best results possible.
Here is a list of 12 tips for making your meetings work:

  • Establish a purpose for the meetings
  • Define what is going to be covered in the meetings
  • Ensure there is a clear agenda of topics to be covered
  • Communicate to your team what they need to contribute to the meeting beforehand.
  • Make sure you allocate a time and place so that the meeting can happen week to week.
  • Give every participant an open voice at the meeting; ensure that you promote quality discussion from participants.
  • Make sure everyone takes notes.
  • Gather ideas, concerns and brainstorm plans for action to come out of every meeting.
  • Topics and ideas that have been discussed in previous meetings need to be highlighted to check progress and ensure they are followed through.
  • Ensure you include time for awards, humorous topics and non business relating issues to keep your team motivated.
  • Make sure you and your team are on time every time to the meeting.
  • Get feedback on how the meetings can be improved week to week.

Take these tips on board to help your travel business run a little smoother and grow a little faster. Meetings will ensure pressing issues get voiced as long as there is the right environment to do so.

So in closing ‘don’t you have a meeting to get to’

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