Luxurious Rentals, LLC Revs Up for Busy RV Season

High-end motorhomes provide first-class travel that’s flexible and fun

Even in mid-winter, demand for RV rentals is revving up. Now is the time to reserve a luxury diesel motorhome for the Grand-Am Series and NASCAR racing season, spring break and summer travel, according to Robert Lemon, founder/owner of Luxurious Rentals, LLC. Backed by more than a decade of experience in the RV rental marketplace, Luxurious Rentals is quickly expanding — and is one of a few diesel-RV rental agencies that specialize in high-end RVs nationwide. Whether booking for business or recreation, travelers everywhere are discovering the freedom and flexibility that renting a motorhome provides.

"I’ve been working in this industry for more than 12 years, and despite the tough economy and rising gas prices, we’re growing the luxury RV rental niche," Lemon says. "Our customers are opting for an alternative to air travel and finding RVs personable and downright fun. Our primary customers include celebrities, corporations and executives, but we’re seeing more families renting RVs, whether they’re heading to Disney World or exploring one of our country’s gorgeous National Parks, forests or campgrounds. A premium RV can’t be beat for comfort and convenience."

While these elite coaches include signature amenities such as in-motion satellite theaters, sleeping for six or more, surround-sound speakers and slide-outs for additional space, part of what makes Luxurious Rentals so exclusive is the company’s commitment to hassle-free leasing. Luxurious Rentals delivers RVs to anywhere within North America, and every coach comes fully equipped with convenience kits (pots, pans, utensils, linens, etc.), 150 free miles per day and complimentary generator usage.

In addition, Luxurious Rentals makes sure that whenever a motorhome is picked up or delivered, it comes fueled and user-ready, complete with propane and camping essentials.

Customers need to pack only clothes and food, yet anyone renting an RV may pay an additional premium to have their motorhome fully stocked with food. Moreover, Luxurious Rentals provides referrals for private drivers who may be hired by the customer directly.

"No doubt, our motorhomes are first-class, considering their state-of-the-art conveniences and stylish decor," Lemon says. "Yet their aesthetics, technology and fine amenities are just part of renting one of our RVs. Luxurious Rentals stands apart from other luxury diesel RV companies by providing unbeatable services and inclusive perks that make the entire experience easier, friendlier and efficient."

Luxurious Rentals offers motorhome rentals for the full gamut of RV needs, from special events to long-term travel. What’s more, businesses may arrange for RV wraps to promote corporate brands, tours, special shows or products.
Source = Luxurious Rentals
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