AirAsia X gets Branson approval

Virgin Blue group founder Sir Richard Branson has commended Malaysian run AirAsia X for its business success, claiming Malaysia could learn a lot from the long haul budget carrier.

Speaking at an investment conference in Malaysia, Sir Branson said the airline was “doing a good job” and advised Malaysia to follow the carrier’s lead and privatise their large government linked companies in order to attract foreign investment and increase competition.

“Break them up into smaller companies for them to compete with each other,” he told Bernama.

“It will be better if Malaysia can be more liberal and open.”

According to Sir Branson, AirAsia X “helped transform Malaysia”, the company’s success attributed to the fact that it was “more nimble compared with bigger government-run companies”.

Sir Branson may show further support for AirAsia if Virgin Racing performs worse than Lotus F1 Racing at the end of the F1 season, Sir Branson and AirAsia group CEO Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes betting that the losing party will dress up as an airline stewardess of the winner’s airline.

“I think Tony will be fetching in a Virgin stewardess [outfit].

“I think he Tony is making an outfit for me as well,” Sir Branson said.

Sir Richard Branson

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: G.A
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