Obama, Reid keen on Travel Promotion Act

Holiday Systems International (HSI) recently discussed its Travel Promotion Act (TPA), which seeks to increase foreign tourism to the US, with President Obama and Senator Harry Reid.

Papua New Guinea pleads caution in travel alerts.

Papua New Guinea's (PNG) tourism industry has asked foreign nations to check what they report travel alerts about the country after Japan issues an alert which led to a flood of cancellations.

Asia led growth, Developed in doldrums: UNWTO

World tourism has rebounded strongly after a year punctuated by crisis management, an epidemic, and a natural disaster, with growth in 2010 led by Asia and the Middle East.

Identity makeover for Britons

The UK government is cashing out £400 million for a complete physical makeover of their citizens, a complete makeover of their passport that is.

The future of tourism in South Africa beyond 2010

The year 2010 represents a golden opportunity for South Africa as a nation to win not just on the football field as host nation of the 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP, but on the global tourism stage.

US, EU trade appeals on WTO’s Airbus ruling

The US is appealing two elements of a World Trade Organisation (WTO) ruling on European government support for Airbus that it otherwise won, US trade officials said on Thursday 19 August.

Visitors bonkers for Honkers, now that swine flew

Visitor arrivals to Hong Kong reached their highest ever single-month level in July 2010, though much of the gain is relative to a 2009 tourism season that was negatively impacted by the H1N1 Influ...

Government jeopardises travel jobs

Two million American travel jobs could be at risk after the American Government announced plans to reduce greenhouse gas pollution by replacing government business trips with new media technology.

Earthquake no further threat to Vanuatu

Vanuatu Tourism Office reports that no significant damage resulted from the earthquake in Vanuatu yesterday afternoon and normal tourism operations have returned.