US, EU trade appeals on WTO’s Airbus ruling

The US is appealing two elements of a World Trade Organisation (WTO) ruling on European government support for Airbus that it otherwise won, US trade officials said on Thursday 19 August.

Visitors bonkers for Honkers, now that swine flew

Visitor arrivals to Hong Kong reached their highest ever single-month level in July 2010, though much of the gain is relative to a 2009 tourism season that was negatively impacted by the H1N1 Influ...

Government jeopardises travel jobs

Two million American travel jobs could be at risk after the American Government announced plans to reduce greenhouse gas pollution by replacing government business trips with new media technology.

Earthquake no further threat to Vanuatu

Vanuatu Tourism Office reports that no significant damage resulted from the earthquake in Vanuatu yesterday afternoon and normal tourism operations have returned.

Winter heats NZ tourism boost

Australian arrivals to New Zealand this winter have lived up to expectations, providing an early boost to the bumper ski season, according to Statistics New Zealand.

CTC streamlines: US strategy changed

The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has announced it will restructure global operations to focus on meaningful marketing investment, a move that will alter CTC's plans in the US.