SQ app 2

Singapore Airlines

From the refreshed look to the personalised features, we completely redesigned everything to be faster, friendlier and easier to use
Pocket Guide - Singapore

Pocket Guide – Singapore

Would you like to see a continent in one city? These tours will guide you through Singapore, a place where China, India and Malaysia meet and mix in a prosperous, modern setting
travel me guide

Turkey Guide With Me

Turkey Guide With Me is an offline travel guide, which recommends detailed articles around the country in relation to your current location
lufthansa app 2

Lufthansa Mobile App

Be it iPhone or Blackberry, Nokia, Android or another Smartphone. Lufthansa is offering you specifically designed apps for these devices
Everything NYC App

Everything New York

With nycgo.com's mobile site, get recommendations for New York City events, offers, attractions, restaurants, shops, clubs and more

JAL Countdown app

Japan Airlines (JAL) has developed an app for Apple Watch that will make it even more convenient for customers to obtain important travel information, check flight status on the go and check-in at th...
japan app 2

Yubisashi mini Japan touch and talk

Yubisashi mini Japan touch & talk” is a Japanese Conversation App designed to help you communicate with local Japanese easily when travelling in Japan. You can listen to the Japanese pronunciation wi...
my hong kong guide

My Hong Kong Guide

What is My Hong Kong Guide? The perfect travel companion is knowledgeable, fun, always available, flexible and inspiring. Sounds a lot like My Hong Kong Guide