Canadians tend to be provincial-centric: Travelzoo survey


The results of a Travelzoo Canada survey have revealed that eight in ten Canadians have only visited an average of four provinces/territories outside their own.

Cost was considered to be the primary factor deterring Canada-wide travel, with 67 percent of the surveyed respondents agreeing that in certain instances domestic travel can be more expensive than travelling abroad.

"Travelling in Canada can be affordable, if you know where to find the deals," said Lara Barlow, country manager, Travelzoo Canada.

"We are coming into the prime Canadian travel season, so our travel deal experts are focusing on publishing deals that can help Canadians see more of their own country," says Barlow.

"In the past two weeks alone, we’ve featured hotel deals from coast to coast – from $79/night rooms on Prince Edward Island, to $159/night for rooms at boutique Montreal hotels that would normally cost $289, to Muskoka resorts at $200 off, to suites in British Columbia’s Okanagan for $99/night."

The survey also placed Quebeckers in the top spot for provincial-centric travel, with 53 percent of Canadians living in Quebec primarily vacationing within their own province.

Canadians living in the Maritimes, the Prairies, and Alberta are the most likely to travel outside their own province, but remain domestic (31%, 32% and 31% respectively).

75 per cent of the Canadian respondents in the survey have visited Ontario, with Quebec and B.C. coming in at 67 and 57 percent respectively.

Northern Canada has welcomed the lowest percentage of domestic travel, with just 9 percent of Canadians having taken a trip to the territories.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: C.F
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