How Delayed Flights Can Be Fun and Productive


Tips on Making the Time Pass Faster While Waiting at the Airport

Hurry up and wait.

That’s life for the air traveler. Get to the airport a few hours early to get security. Then, take off your shoes, take all the change out of your pockets, take out your laptop, take off your belt and anything else that might set off the metal detector, walk through the metal detector, set it off with the cell phone you forgot to take out of your pocket, wait while you get scanned by the wand that makes the Star Wars light saber noise, and then put everything back only to find out your flight is delayed.

Sound familiar? That experience is like mother’s milk to Jeff Michaels, a musician who found ways to pass that time creatively while on the road, chronicling them in Please Hug Me, I’ve Been Delayed.

His ideas include:

  • Scroll through your contacts on your phone and delete any ex’s and all the people you no longer like. You’ll be surprised how good this can feel.

  • Use this time to back up your laptop hard drive. Make a habit of doing this every time you fly and you’ll never have to worry about losing all your Kim Kardashian pictures, er, I mean data, ever again.

  • Get your shoes shined. This is an age-old tradition that is going the way of the 8-track. And remember, these poor guys are stuck in the airport for life. Tip them well.

  • Ladies, now would be a good time to clean out the mobile filing cabinet you call your purse. Be discriminating. Do you really need to carry around the Led Zeppelin ticket stubs from the concert your high school boyfriend took you to? And gentlemen, let’s get those 72 fast food receipts and expired video club cards out of those wallets before the airlines charge you for an extra carryon.

  • Call your mom.

“Overbooking, lost luggage, and excessive baggage fees are frustrating enough experiences for passengers. If I can help at least one person keep their sanity through an agonizing flight delay, then I’ve done my job,” said Michaels.

About Jeff Michaels

Jeff Michaels is a veteran touring musician whose band, Even Elroy, has landed songs on several major TV shows, including MTV’s The Real World.

Source = Marketwire / Author Jeff Michaels
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