Airbus to dismiss claims aircraft caused Air France crash


Airbus is facing 23 wrongful death lawsuits from the families of passengers who were killed in an Air France crash in June last year.

The relatives claim that Air France Flight 447 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean because of flaws in the Airbus plane and its US-made components.

It alleges that design and manufacturing defects left the pilots without accurate data to maintain altitude and air speed.

Defendants include Airbus, Thales and US companies Honeywell, Motorola, Intel, Rockwell Collins, Hamilton Sundstrand, General Electric, Goodrich, Rosemount Aerospace, Dupont, Judd Wire and Raychem.

But the aircraft manufacturer has called the lawsuits baseless.

"We don’t believe that they are well stated or well founded," Airbus Americas spokesman Clay McConnell told Reuters.

"We will be moving to have them dismissed."

France’s aviation investigation agency BEA is leading the investigation into the crash but still has not determined a cause and only resumed a search for the plane’s data recorders last week.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: J.L
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