Lima and its museums

Ted Travels: Lima and its museums

Ted Travels: Lima and its museums

Ted Travels: Lima and its museums

To continue with our city getaways, today is turn for the capital city of Peru: Lima. This metropolis has gotten much more traction since it hosts some of the best restaurants in the world. But in Lima is not only about food, but it’s also about museums. With a country so diverse and rich in heritage, Peruvian museums will offer your clients an overview of the history and into its origins.

My favourite is the Larco Museum, which hosts over 5,000 years of Peruvian history with its impressive collection of pre-Columbian art in gold and silver. I like the layout of the museum rooms as it takes you through the rooms by historical time periods and places and shows how a generation from one period influenced the next generation 500kms away. By the way, they have what the guides call the “playboy magazine room” of the old times. This room devoted to erotic archaeological treasures, not your run-of-the-mill phallic symbols, but a collection of ceramic pots portraying a variety of sexual positions and acts.

From the Larco Museum travellers can continue their historical adventure with the Pedro de Osma Museum, the house of the most important private collection of viceroyalty art in Peru. The building offers a different architecture with its art nouveau windows and refined beauty. After this museum travellers can wander around Barranco for lunch to continue onto the next museums.

If your clients are looking for something more contemporary, I would suggest the MALI, Lima’s Museum of Art. The museum itself is an example of 19th century Lima Architecture. It exhibits a wide collection ranging from Pre-Columbian period to the present day, no erotic clay figures here.

Mario Testino Museum, also known as MATE, is the place for those photography lovers, this museum is a celebration of Peru’s contribution to the art and culture of the world and showcases Mario Testino’s landscapes and editorial photos.

Another interesting museum is the Amano Museum, one of the most important spaces for the exhibition of Peruvian textiles. If your clients are looking for textiles and weaving this is a must in their carefully crafted itinerary, in which we can also include weaving activities with locals, a truly authentic experience!

For a tailor-made itinerary suiting all interests for your travellers, don’t hesitate to call us, we will create the best itineraries to give your clients a holiday to remember.


Source = Contours Travel Ted Dziadkiewicz
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