33% of Aussies aren’t going away this summer

finderlogo33% of Aussies aren’t going away this summer

News highlights:
  Lack of holiday funds is holding travellers back 
  28% of work-bound Aussies don’t want to pay the summer tax
  How to turn 20 days of annual leave into 49

 If you’re stuck in the office over the break, turns out you’re not alone, reveals new research from Finder, the site that compares virtually everything.

One in three Aussies (33%) aren’t going on a summer holiday and will be working in December and January without time off.

Of those staying back, 40% lack the funds for a summer getaway, while 32% have a trip planned for a different time of year.

A further 28% simply don’t want to pay the summer tax for a holiday.

Angus Kidman, Travel Expert at Finder, said that while the new year period is often seen as the ultimate time to escape the daily grind and head overseas, doing that can carry a hefty price tag.

“It’s no secret that prices often skyrocket during the holiday season, but keep an eye out for January specials.”

“Many airline companies opt to start the new year with a bang and will produce a handful of last-minute deals.”

Kidman said that with annual leave, there are a number of savvy hacks you can use to maximise your holiday time per year.

“Though the legal minimum for annual leave is 20 days for full-time employees, it’s possible to extend this to as much as 49 days if you plan your leave well in advance.”

“Booking around public holidays like Good Friday and Easter Monday can extend the number of days you get away from work without cutting into your annual leave.”

For example if they play their cards right, Victorians can score 58 days off in a row by using public holidays.

State/Territory                      Number of days off

Victoria                                   58 days
ACT                                          56 days
Tasmania                                53 days
Queensland                            52 days
WA                                           52 days
Northern Territory               52 days
South Australia                     51 days
NSW                                       49 days

1.NSW, Easter (April): take 7 days off and turn it into a 16 day holiday
Take the week of Good Friday off, and the week of Easter Monday/ANZAC Day off, and for 7 days annual leave, you get 16 days off in a row – that’s almost 2.5 weeks off.
Dates: Saturday 13 April – Sunday 28 April
Ideal for: a pilgrimage to Turkey/Gallipoli

2. QLD, Royal Queensland Show (August): take 4 days off and turn it into a 9 day holiday
Take the week of the Royal Queensland Show off
Dates: Saturday 10 August – Sunday 18 August
Ideal for: a trip to Bali

3. VIC, Melbourne Cup (November): take 4 days off and turn it into a 9 day holiday
Take the week of Melbourne Cup off, and for 4 days annual leave, you’ll get 9 days in a row.
Dates: Saturday 2 November – Sunday 10 November
Ideal for: Japan in late Autumn
Find more info for all states and territories here: https://www.finder.com.au/annual-leave-hack

Why aren’t you going away this summer?

can’t afford it 40%
I have a trip planned for a different time of year 32%
It’s too expensive that time of year 28%
I have to work 18%
It’s too crowded 17%
I don’t like holidays 5%
I’m out of annual leave 2%

Source = Finder
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