USA So much more than just the usual destinations

USA  So much more than just the usual destinations

New Orleans

USA So much more than just the usual destinations

Most (if not all) Travel Agents have created USA itineraries for clients. Starting points would be NYC, L.A, Las Vegas, maybe with a smattering of Florida or Washington thrown in for good luck.

But delve in a little deeper, and you will find just as many jewels as on the coasts.

Boston, known for its freezing winters, and being one of the oldest cities in the USA (founded in 1630), and its critical role during the American Revolution, does not disappoint. Best to visit in Summer, Boston’s Freedom Trail is a must. A 4km walking tour of some of Bostons most significant sites, starting at Boston Common, through Charlestown, and ending at the USS Constitution aircraft carrier. Getting lost is difficult due to the red line painted on the footpath; just stick to the line and you will be fine. The trail includes Paul Rever’s house (Revere is one of the most well known Patriots, silversmith, and industrialist), and connects to the Boston Harbor Walk.

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On a different path, the famous Fenway Park is a must of you are a fan of the Boston Red Sox; or if you are a fan of any sporting site of significance ! On a similar tack, check out Gillette Stadium, home to the NFL team the New England Patriots (and New England Revolution soccer team). To top off a stellar trip, try to book your clients in for a basketball game at TD Garden hosted by the Boston Celtics; Terry Rozier will dazzle with high level skills and excitement.

By all means, recommend the standard cities to visit, but places like Boston and Chicago offer the traveller more than Disneyland and Cheap Pizza !

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