Patagonia’s Australis scoops international award win and nomination

Australis Patagonia Cruises

Australis Patagonia Cruises

Patagonia’s Australis scoops international award win and nomination

Australis Patagonia Cruises, known across the globe for offering luxurious cruise journeys through Patagonia, was recently awarded by the Latin American Tourism Association (LATA), as the Cruise Operator of the year, at the LATA 2018 Travel Awards.

It is the first time the company has been acknowledged with this prestigious honour and is another notch on the belt for Australis, having also recently been nominated at the World Travel Awards for South America’s Leading Boutique Cruise Line 2018.

These respected annual events celebrate inspiring and creative travel stories, recognising innovation and excellence from across the travel landscape.

With exclusive access to the southernmost fjords, Australis explore Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia – one of the most beautiful and unspoilt regions on the planet.

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About Australis

As the only cruise line operating in Patagonia, Australis offers guests exclusive access to the untouched fjords of Patagonia. The two ships Stella Australis and Ventus Australis navigate legendary maritime channels of early explorers such as the Strait of Magellan and the Beagle Channel, exploring breathtaking scenery of imposing mountain ranges, majestic glaciers, lush subpolar forests and even reaching the “end of the world” at Cape Horn.

Guests are taken ashore daily on board zodiacs and in the company of expert naturalist guides. As well as spectacular landscapes, Australis itineraries showcase the regional flora and fauna including elephant seals, cormorants, Magellan penguins and dolphins. Tours include complimentary, guided excursions, amazing cuisine aboard including local dishes as well as Chilean and Argentine wines.

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