Summer treats to take a disturbing turn at Fisherman’s Wharf

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Worms Adorn Scoops of Dirty Ice Cream on a Hot San Francisco Day (Photo Courtesy of The San Francisco Dungeon)

Summer treats to take a disturbing turn at Fisherman’s Wharf

The San Francisco Dungeon to offer pop-up ice cream parlor serving bugs, scorpions, dirty ice cream on Friday the 13th 

Next month, The San Francisco Dungeon is ditching the sprinkles and serving free dirty ice cream topped with REAL bugs, worms and more.

For one day only – Friday, July 13 – Miss Piggott’s (Not-So) Nice Cream Pop-up Parlor will celebrate National Ice Cream Month by serving macabre and nightmarish ice cream adorned with the most creepy, crawly and terrifying toppings imaginable. This pop-up ice cream parlor will be presented by The San Francisco Dungeon, the only fully-immersive attraction of its kind to celebrate the dark side of the city’s history. The ice cream will be free for those daring enough to taste Miss Piggott’s creations. Straight out of foodie nightmares, these “flavors” will include dirty ice cream topped with anything found crawling on the dungeon floor like insects, scorpions and worms. The parlor will be located at 1 Jefferson Street and open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. while sickening supplies last.

The name of the pop-up parlor was inspired by Miss Piggott, the beer-slinging, saloon wench who is always looking for a way to get one over on her customers. During the Gold Rush in the 1860s and 1870s, the Bay area harridan would drug unassuming drunkards with the “Miss Piggott’s Special” – a concoction of brandy, whiskey and gin laced with opium – luring them atop a trap door where they would be shanghaied into the custody of needy ship captains looking for sailors. Similar to the guests in her saloon at The San Francisco Dungeon, she has found a new way to put a little scare into those looking for a sweet treat while walking the Wharf.

Miss Piggott

File Photo of “Miss Piggott” (Photo Courtesy: The San Francisco Dungeon)

For those brave enough to chomp into a critter-laden ice cream cone, they will spin the “Wheel of Misfortune” to determine their disturbing flavor, as well as a chance to win free tickets to The San Francisco Dungeon to see the real-life inspiration behind Miss Piggott’s parlor. Guests are encouraged to share their creepy cones on social media by tagging @TheSFDungeon and using hashtag #BugIceCream.

This is the same attraction that created last year’s wildly popular pop-up experience, The Rat Café. They pride themselves for literally ripping the public out of its comfort zone.

“We could say we’re trying to educate people regarding edible insects becoming ‘the protein of the future’ but we’re all about twisting the familiar into something dark and disturbing, whether it’s adding rats to your latte or bugs to your ice cream,” says Dalia Goldgor, general manager, The San Francisco Dungeon. “To be clear, these toppings will not be like gummy worms – these will be actual bugs and critters, coated in candy and sugar. You WILL be eating real bugs with your ice cream!”

Miss Piggott’s (Not-So) Nice Creams was created in partnership with Sense NYC, the experiential marketing team, focused on real-world thinking as the basis for creating immersive brand ideas and people-first campaigns.

For the full menu of the distasteful desserts, go to The San Francisco Dungeon’s Facebook page. (Tip: don’t eat while reading what will be planned for July 13.)

About The San Francisco Dungeon
The San Francisco Dungeon is the ultimate live action journey through the city’s murky past where the audience is part of the show. This is the first attraction of its kind in North America, bringing to life the stories of the Bay Area from the last 100 years with a full theatrical cast, special effects, gripping storytelling, 360-degree sets, an underground boat ride and the city’s only underground drop ride, Escape Alcatraz. The San Francisco Dungeon is fully-ADA accessible and located at Fisherman’s Wharf at 145 Jefferson Street next to Madame Tussauds San Francisco. The attraction is open 365 days a year. Find on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @TheSFDungeon and

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