Snow, strikes and shutdowns = reasons for travel insurance


If ever there was an example of the need to travel with travel insurance this holiday season surely takes the cake, with the potential for strikes, heavy weather causing delays and even company collapses.

After the year of uncertainty, many travellers had invested much into these holiday festivities, but many found themselves stranded upon showing up at the airport or train station only to find their services delayed or cancelled.

Strikes by airport workers in Europe, the treat of strikes from British Airways cabin crew, services cancelled or delayed because of weather, and even the collapse of a UK carrier have wrecked havoc this past Christmas.

It also pays for travellers to have planned their travel insurance well ahead of travel dates, as some policies won’t cover events which are known ahead of time.  For example after British Airways cabin crew had set the dates for their strike, a policy taken out after may not cover for those dates as this was an event which the traveller was already informed about.

Many annual policies, or those found on credit cards, may not cover the collapse of a company either, like the demise of flyglobespan which left thousands stranded at the airport.

Weather disruptions will likely also only be covered if insurance is brought early as claims made for bad weather under “known events” may also not be covered.  So the snow storms causing mass delays in the Northern Hemisphere may see travellers out of pocket if they booked insurance last minute.

Travellers should be informed that it pays to book travel insurance early, and double-check policies for inclusions.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: W.X
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