A day as a Games Shaper – Jingeri

Jeremy Lai

A day as a Games Shaper – Jingeri

A day as a Games Shaper – Jingeri

With the #GC2018 more than half way through, the largest ever sporting event held in the sunny state of Queensland, the sense of excitement remains strong! The days at the Games Village is filled with an electric buzz of positive energy, smiles and camaraderie among the many nations elite athletes. This gives the true meeting of the ‘Friendly Games’.

This same energy is shared with all the Games Shapers volunteers that I meet daily both in my team as well as those in other various roles and departments. There is such a great mix of people from all walks of life that range from university students, employees on leave, business owners and retirees. I’m having a great experience to be based amongst such diverse groups of people in a ‘mini town’ that would eventually be part of a permanent landmark on the Gold Coast. As the largest urban renewal project for the Gold Coast, the redevelopment of Parklands incorporates over 7 hectares of open spaces which was completed in 2017. Post the Games, the site will become a mixed-use residential and commercial Health and Knowledge Precinct, which will cover an area more than 29 hectares.

Carrying out various duties during my shifts keeps my days interesting and more enjoyable as it allows me to interreact more with other Games Shapers as well as to see other parts of how the entire operations is done daily.

The Games Village is the ‘Home Away from Home’ for both athletes and officials and the entire complex comprises of residential, retail, recreation, dining and medical facilities for the athletes during the Games period.

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A day as a Games Shaper – Jingeri

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