The Team: Themed Cruise Planning and Consultants

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The Team: Themed Cruise Planning and Consultants

The Team: Themed Cruise Planning and Consultants

Launching a start-up is never easy, it’s vital to find the right team to put in the right places. Co-Founder and CEO Bradley Pavlik long had the vision for the company he wanted to start, but knew he was missing a key component until he began working on projects together with Co-Founder and COO Aubrey Brewis. As Pavlik and Brewis continued working together they realized they had skill sets that complemented one another to perfection.  Together they bring clients expertise in high-level cruise industry operation, management, and guest service, along with an incredible eye for detail, organization, event planning, and logistics. They launched The Team: Themed Cruise Planning and Consultants on September 1 with immediate success having a vast array of individual cruise clients booked on high end European River Cruises and others booked on quick Caribbean getaways, along with a host of exciting group and themed cruises booked for 2018 and 2019.

In addition to recently launching, The Team is proud to announce an agreement with Entertainment Cruise Productions to manage a number of areas of their operation on full ship music charters.

“The opportunity to work with ECP is incredibly exciting for us,” Pavlik said. “When we started this company we had a few very clear goals in mind, one was to become the largest and preferred full ship charter service consultants and operators in the industry, and the other was to be the preferred agency for group, themed, and individual cruise and overall travel across the Midwest and beyond,” adding, “A relationship with a company like ECP, who has literally been the gold standard of charter cruising for nearly two decades, clearly puts us on this path.”

“ECP is flattered by the willingness and eagerness of Brad and Aubrey to work with us on our cruise programs,” said The, Owner and Executive Director of ECP Cruises. “They will be directing our Food & Beverage activities, take a lead role in handling Guest Relations matters and will be working directly with our Production and Hospitality Teams as well.  The ability to add people of such obvious talent and experience to our already seasoned and highly skilled staff is exciting for us.  The resulting team will be able, undoubtedly, to make our guest experience even better. Steps like these will secure ECP’s position as the world leader in live entertainment at sea.”

The Team: Themed Cruise Planning and Consultants has a clear vision to focus on three distinct aspects of cruise travel: consulting on full ship charter operations, group and themed cruise travel and individual cruise travel.

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About Entertainment Cruise Productions 
Entertainment Cruise Productions (ECP) is the world’s leader in full ship charter music cruises and has been operating charters for over two decades.  ECP has produced nearly 70 full ship charters featuring music themes as diverse as Rock ‘n Roll, Elvis, Soul Train, Celtic, Country Music and several varieties of Jazz.  Their current charters include The Jazz Cruise, The Smooth Jazz Cruise, Blue Note at Sea, Star Trek: The Cruise, and The 80’s Cruise, but these are just a few of the many cruises in their historical profile.

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