12.5 million passengers flew with the Lufthansa Group Airlines

Lufthansa Group

12.5 million passengers flew with the Lufthansa Group Airlines

12.5 million passengers flew with the Lufthansa Group Airlines

The airlines of the Lufthansa Group welcomed around 12.5 million passengers in August 2017. This shows an increase of 17.4 percent compared to the previous year’s month. The available seat kilometers were up 12.4 percent over the previous year, at the same time, sales increased by 14 percent. The seat load factor improved accordingly, rising 1.2 percentage points compared to August 2016 to 85.8 percent.

The currency adjusted pricing environment in August was again positive.

Cargo capacity increased 2.3 percent year-on-year, while cargo sales were up 9.8 percent in revenue ton-kilometer terms. As a result, the Cargo load factor showed a corresponding improvement, rising 4.5 percentage points in the month to 66.4 percent.

Network Airlines
The Network Airlines Lufthansa German Airlines, SWISS and Austrian Airlines carried 9.2 million passengers in August, 4.8 percent more than in the prior-year period. Compared to the previous year, the available seat kilometers increased by 2.4 percent in August although the number of flights stayed the same. The sales volume was up 4 percent over the same period, raising seat load factor by 1.4 percentage points to 85.8 percent.

Lufthansa German Airlines transported 6.1 million passengers in August, a 3.9 percent increase compared to the same month last year. A 1.2% increase in seat kilometers in August was a 3.4 percent increase in sales. Furthermore, the seat load factor was up to 85.8 percent, therefore 1.8 percentage points above the prior-year’s level.

Point-to-Point Airlines
The Lufthansa Group’s Point-to-Point Airlines – Eurowings (including Germanwings) and Brussels Airlines – carried around 3.3 million passengers in August. Among this total, 3.1 million passengers were on short-haul flights and 260,000 flew long-haul. This amounts to 2 / 4 an increase of 75.7 percent in comparison to the previous year. August capacity was 108.4 percent above its prior-year level, while its sales volume was up 108 percent, resulting in a nearly equal seat load factor which was 0.1 percentage points lower.

On short-haul services the Point-to-Point Airlines raised capacity 66.1 percent and increased sales volume by 67.2 percent, resulting in a 0.5 percentage points increase in seat load factor, compared to August 2016. The seat load factor for the long-haul services decreased 8.8
percentage points to 87.9 percent during the same period, following a 385.4 percent increase in capacity and a 341.2 percent rise in sales volume, compared to the previous year. The number of passengers on long haul flights of the Point-to-Point airlines in August was around four times higher than one year before.

Source = Lufthansa Group
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