WorldVentures DreamTrips Local Initiative receives huge support


WorldVentures DreamTrips Local Initiative receives huge support

Australians with a thirst for travel and taste for fine food have even greater opportunity to eat their way to a holiday with the DreamTrips Local program, offered by international membership company, WorldVentures, experiencing phenomenal take up by restaurants and eateries around the country.

Since launching in the Australian market 12 months ago, DreamTrips Local has signed on an additional 145 restaurant to join in the program which allows DreamTrips members to earn reward points while they dine at participating restaurants.

This time last year, 11 of the country’s top restaurants pledged their support to the program. Today, DreamTrips Local boasts a network of 156 restaurants and eateries across Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Adelaide.

“DreamTrips Local has received such a positive response from industry in Australia and its success lies largely in the design of the program, which aims to be a win for restaurateurs and a win for DreamTrips members,” said Anthony Fitzgerald, Director Asia Pacific Sales, WorldVentures.

“Both inbound and local DreamTrips members  are  choosing to eat at a DreamTrips Local restaurants because they know they will receive an authentic experience and high quality meal. To top it all off, they also earn points towards their next holiday.”

Every potential DreamTrips Local restaurant partner is assessed to ensure the establishment has a strong reputation of food, service and atmosphere. To earn their points DreamTrips members simply need to scan their membership badges when paying.

“It’s all part of our mission to get more people taking holidays and to provide additional benefits to our loyal club members”, Fitzgerald said.

Pier 35 Bar & Grill is one of the latest Melbourne restaurants to sign up for the DreamTrips Local program. Pier 35 Bar & Grill owner, Arthur Tee, is not surprised by the program’s incredible growth. He says that it is due to the unique proposition that DreamTrips Local offers business owners in a crowded loyalty market.

“DreamTrips Local really does present a win-win situation for everyone. As a restaurant, we’re able to focus on delivering the highest quality service and meals for our customers, without having to worry about discounting. The DreamTrips Local program blends seamlessly into our normal operations and adds value for our diners – which we love.”

“DreamTrip diners help to remind me why I started my business. I wanted to share my passion for food with people who truly appreciate it. Members come to eat at my restaurant and then share their experiences with friends and family members, who all come in to try our meals for themselves”, said Tee.

Source = WorldVentures
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