Suzhou & the Surrounding Water Towns: Unique New Tours from The China Guide


The China Guide, an American operated travel company, is introducing five new tour itineraries for Suzhou, famous for its canals and gardens. These new itineraries depart from Shanghai and are available as 1-, 2- or 3-day excursions. The China Guide’s ( ) Suzhou itineraries are all-inclusive no-shopping tours for private groups, providing travelers with a unique destination experience to places less-visited by other western tourists. Travelers will have the opportunity to visit scenic Suzhou as well as China’s water towns, referred to as the Venice of the East. These new options are ideal for honeymooners or couples looking for a quiet retreat in China.

Suzhou is a beautiful and relaxed setting, famous for its historic sprawling gardens and arched stone bridges. Traditional Chinese architecture and cobblestone pedestrian areas give Suzhou its quaint feeling. After bustling tours through the major cities of Beijing and Shanghai, it’s a pleasant escape for travelers to this quiet, pleasant atmosphere. For those choosing an overnight itinerary option, accommodation will be in the new Suzhou Holiday Inn, well selected for its western standard service and amenities.

Zhouzhuang and Tongli water towns can be visited along with Suzhou as 1-, 2- or 3-day tours. These towns are set among twisting water canals and walking paths through small alleyways. While they are not very big, travelers can still get lost wandering around discovering the village’s nooks and crannies. Travelers take a ride on a traditional style wooden boat with oarsman (or woman) and then enjoy a pleasant lunch canal side, watching the people and boats drift past. It is a genuine village and travelers can see into people’s homes and lives as they pass by. The China Guide’s new 3-day itinerary includes an overnight stay in the Tongli water town at a charming courtyard style guesthouse. Visitors will have the evening free to stroll along the canals, visit the many boutique shops and experience the folk culture. For photographers there are endless opportunities.

“As a photographer the water towns are one of my favorite locations in China. There are very few signs of modern life and it’s possible to take photographs of scenes centuries old,” says Peter Danford, Managing Operator of The China Guide. He adds that, “A lot of couples and honeymooners choose China for their travels. Our new itineraries can be a romantic getaway to a charming and peaceful place. Overnight in Tongli is perfect for couples who are seeking an intimate evening, the Tongli guesthouse is very serene. Tongli is also great for kids.”

Another unique aspect to The China Guide’s new tours is the chance to learn about a rarely discussed aspect of Chinese society — Tongli is home to The Chinese Sex Museum. It is truly tasteful due to its accurate display of sexual art and artifacts dating back to 3000 B.C. After browsing the museum one can see how there came to be over a billion Chinese.

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Source = The China Guide
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