The Puerto Rico Tourism Company Launches Innovative Advertising Campaign Through the Eyes of Artist Elliott Erwitt


A Celebration of Puerto Rico’s History, the Campaign Takes You on a Photographic Journey of the Islands, Its People and Culture

The Puerto Rico Tourism Company will unveil a new integrated marketing campaign designed to increase awareness and make Puerto Rico a top of mind destination. The $10 million advertising campaign will run locally on networks like Bravo, Food Network, Fine Living, Travel Channel, CNN and CNBC. Print will run in titles like Vanity Fair, Architectural Digest, Food & Wine, In Style, Town & Country, and Travel & Leisure. Digital and out-of-home advertising also supports the campaign. The campaign is scheduled to launch in December 2009 and run through June 2010.

At the center of the initiative is a series of Elliott Erwitt photographs taken during a return trip to Puerto Rico this spring where the world-renowned Magnum photographer re-discovered the Islands’ essence: romantic, rich in culture and experience.

The new campaign is designed to provide a glimpse of life in the islands of Puerto Rico as seen from an artist’s point of view. “We are so proud of our islands – the people, culture, richness and beauty of it all – that having a celebrated photographer like Elliott Erwitt capture it in photographs is a compelling way to share our islands with the world,” said Jaime Lopez, executive director of The Puerto Rico Tourism Company. “He depicted the true realism of Puerto Rico; he captured our beaches, yes, but he unveiled so much more with images of our rain forests, our architecture and culture that make Puerto Rico so special.”

Erwitt’s initial voyage to Puerto Rico was fifty years ago when the photographer was called upon by one of the advertising industry’s first Mad Men, David Ogilvy of Ogilvy & Mather, to capture the vibrancy and lifestyle of Puerto Rico through an artist’s unique perspective. His photographs reflected contemporary life on the Islands and revealed character, depth of history and an unparalleled culture not found elsewhere in the Americas. These images created a ground breaking and aesthetically pleasing tourism advertising campaign which not only increased travel to the islands, but also greatly impacted economic development.

“Tourism enriches our economy and is a very important focus for us,” said Governor Luis Fortuno of Puerto Rico. “We have a lot to offer travelers this year from world class events to new hotels and exciting cultural events that help round out our already amazing offerings that make Puerto Rico a top travel destination.” Although years have gone by since Erwitt first photographed Puerto Rico, his lens still captures the same richness of experience that tourists from around the globe can experience during a visit to the Islands. “These images capture the heart and soul of Puerto Rico and its people,” added Governor Fortuno. “It provides a glimpse into the Islands and paints a picture for travelers’ of what a trip to Puerto Rico can offer.”

The campaign, created by Ogilvy & Mather and De La Cruz Advertising is targeted toward people who want their vacation to be an enriching experience, people who want more than just a pretty beach; they want a sophisticated experience where they can learn about culture and history. The advertising plan, running in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington DC, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Atlanta and Miami, consists of television, print and online webisodes with messaging that evokes a personal connection with Puerto Rico and inspires people to visit the islands. Each ad features a specific aspect of what the island has to offer – history and architecture, dancing, gastronomy, culture, Puerto Rico’s various islands, and more. The theme of these ads – through the eyes of an artist – will live on through the years through the eyes of other influentials and consumers as well.

To find out more about Puerto Rico, consumers can go to to browse Elliott’s photos from his first trips in the 50s and 60s, and today, and watch webisodes on a variety of experiences that the islands have to offer. The web site also allows visitors to find out more about specific destinations, experiences, attractions, places to eat and stay and special offers. All advertising will drive consumers to the web site.

With Erwitt as a partner, the campaign closely resembles a photojournalistic essay detailing expectations travelers’ should have of Puerto Rico and reflecting the Islands’ everyday reality. As David Ogilvy said 50 years ago during the first series of Erwitt images, “I’m thrilled to watch an artist tell a story and proud to know that advertising through an artist’s photographic eye can reflect the feeling and character of such a unique travel destination,” said Steve Hayden, Vice Chairman Ogilvy & Mather.

Puerto Rico has so much to offer. This year alone, Puerto Rico will add 2 new hotels: W and St. Regis. They will be the host of world class events such as the PGA Golf Tournament in March and Latin Billboard Awards in April. Recently built, the Sheraton is the flagship location for its convention center offerings. Unlike its cousins, Puerto Rico is the only island in the Caribbean that continues to build hotels.

Source = Puerto Rico Tourism Company
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