New Zealand to target American travellers in 2010


Tourism New Zealand says that it will need to focus on bringing up the number of American travellers into the country next year, or at least stop the figure from dropping.

Tourism New Zealand plans to next spend some $10 million in advertising in the United States as it tries to stem the drop in traveller numbers in the country’s largest long-haul market.

Research finds that for the US market the most effective advertising is celebrity, with initiatives this year including hosting The Bachelor contestants and getting Prime Minister John Key on The Late Show with David Letterman, all successful in drawing more attention to the country.

Using a similar platform, Tourism New Zealand has also launched a new worldwide Your Big Break campaign, which sees Academy Award director Peter Jackson as well as Lord of the Rings executive producer Barrie Osborne judging the completed films.

“The importance of having two film industry legends involved with Your Big Break is immense. Their support will help ensure the project is noticed by the world’s film industry, give it international reach and, we hope, result in some great stories,” said George Hickton, Tourism New Zealand CEO, of the initiative.

In October nearly 14,000 travellers from the USA visited New Zealand, a 2.1% drop from 2008 figures.  For the 12 months to October 2009 end just over 197,000 visitors were received from the USA, a 7.3% drop on a year prior.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: W.X
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