Flight Review Scoot Flight TZ002 SIN-SYD ScootBiz Class

Scoot inaugural flight TZ505 JAI-SIN ScootBiz Class

Flight Review Scoot Flight TZ002 SIN-SYD ScootBiz Class

Flight Review Scoot Flight TZ002 SIN-SYD ScootBiz Class

Date: 6 October 2016

Carrier: Scoot

Flight Number: TZ002 dep SIN @ 01:45 Duration: 7h30m

Class: ScootBiz

Aircraft: Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Check-in experience: 

Changi Airport was very quiet in the wee hours of the morning and there was no queue at the ScootBiz check-in counter. The entire check-in transaction took less than 90 seconds. Security at Changi Airport is effected at the gate, which allows passengers to look around the vast selection of shops before going through to the departure gate or simply enjoy the unique features of Changi Airport such as the orchid garden in Terminal 2 from where Scoot’s flights depart.

On-time performance: 

The flight departed Singapore about 30 minutes late and arrived in Sydney nine minutes late.

Seat/Cabin conditions:

The ScootBiz cabin on this aircraft had five rows in a 2-3-2 configuration. The cabin was almost full but the design of the cabin still permits a feeling of space. The cabin was very clean and orderly.

Food And Beverage:

ScootBiz passengers have one meal and one drink included with their ticket. Additional food and drinks may be purchased on board.


Video entertainment is available via ScooTV on passengers’ own electronic devices. ScootBiz passengers are given free access to video programs.


Immigration procedures were easy and quick, and baggage delivery began soon after arrival. Everything went smoothly.


Scoot values its Australian passengers’ business very highly and always seeks to ensure the inflight and ground experiences for Australian travellers keep them coming back to the airline for future travel.

Source = Mr eTraveller - Robert La Bua - Scoot

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