Flight Review Scoot TZ508 Singapore-Amritsar ScootBiz Class

Flight Review Scoot TZ508 Singapore-Amritsar ScootBiz Class

Flight Review Scoot TZ508 Singapore-Amritsar ScootBiz Class

Flight Review

Flight:  Scoot TZ508 Singapore-Amritsar ScootBiz Class

Date:  15 September 2016

Carrier:  Scoot

Flight Number:  TZ508 dep SIN @ 10:00

Duration:  5h20m

Class:  ScootBiz

Aircraft:  Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Check-in experience: 

With a dedicated check-in desk for ScootBiz Class passengers, there was a minimal wait for checking in at Changi Airport. The entire airport experience was efficient. Changi is one of those airports where security checks take place at the gates, reducing the stress of reaching the gate on time. The jazzy jetway with mirrored walls, mod carpet, and pink lighting brought a smile to the faces of the passengers as a last impression of the airport and a first impression of Scoot.

On-time performance: 

The flight departed Singapore late due to circumstances which included congestion on the runway; it arrived in Amritsar 50 minutes behind schedule.

Seat/Cabin conditions: 

As always, the ScootBiz cabin was immaculate, comfortable, and quiet. The extra-large overhead compartments found on the Boeing 787 allow for easy storage of carry-on items. The ScootBiz seat reclines sufficiently to allow for a restful journey.

Food And Beverage:

It was nice to see coconut water included among the drink options for Scoot passengers, who can order their meals when booking the flight. The tasty food served on board reflects the overall Scoot culture of minimal fuss while maintaining high quality.


Video entertainment is available via ScooTV on passengers’ own electronic devices.


Amritsar’s Sri Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport is the kind of facility today’s travellers should love. It is modern and easy to navigate because it is small and uncongested. Scoot is one of the few international airlines to serve Amritsar, which means there was no queue for foreign visitors at Immigration. Having an e-Tourist Visa pre-approved before arrival makes the arrival process extremely easy and pleasant.


This was an enjoyable flying experience with attentive flight attendants, a comfortable seat, and a quiet atmosphere on board, bookended by two easy and stressless airport experiences on arrival and departure. Anyone thinking of visiting a less touristy part of India would do well to consider flying to Amritsar to see the magnificent Golden Temple to start the trip; the stereotype of masses of touts crowding around passengers exiting the Arrivals area does not exist here. Scoot’s multiple gateways in Australia make it possible to fly to Amritsar with just one change of planes, in Singapore.

Source = Mr eTraveller - Robert La Bua

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