Flight Review THAI Airways TG473 – Bangkok to Brisbane

Thai Airways Boeing 787-8. By Chihaya Sta via Wikimedia Commons

Thai Airways Boeing 787-8. By Chihaya Sta via Wikimedia Commons

Flight Review THAI Airways TG473 – Bangkok to Brisbane

Carrier: THAI Airways International
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8
Configuration: 3-3-3
Class: Economy
Duration: 8 hours 15 minutes

Check-in: As this was the second flight in my journey to Brisbane, the check-in was done at Phuket Airport, where a helpful staff member was happy to move me to a better seat, giving me a whole row to myself.

At Bangkok Airport: Make sure to carefully follow the signs for connecting international flights, as the Suvarnabhumi Airport can be quite confusing if you’re not paying attention. After the initial security screening there was additional liquid checking at the entrance to the gate lounge, where security staff were confiscating any liquids over 100ml, including bottled water and duty-free alcohol purchased within the airport.

Service: The crew were attentive and friendly, upholding THAI’s reputation for outstanding service. I noticed the crew weren’t circulating the cabin as frequently as on other THAI flights, probably due to it being an overnight flight. However, they promptly attended to anyone who pressed the call button.

Entertainment: Each seat was fitted with touch-screen entertainment, featuring lots of new release movies and a great selection of TV shows.

Food: Dinner was served soon after take-off and I was given the option of fish or chicken. The chicken massaman curry was delicious and was served with a cold chicken salad, dinner roll and cheesecake. Breakfast was served towards the end of the flight, which included a ham, potato and spinach omelette, a croissant, fresh fruit and yoghurt. Compared to my other THAI flights earlier in the week, there wasn’t as many drink services between meals. But overall, I was really impressed with the quality of the food.

Overall: I highly recommend flying with THAI, as the airline continually impressed me throughout this trip to Thailand. This comfortable, eight-hour flight was yet another example of the airline’s top quality service, food and entertainment.

Source = ETB Travel News: Brittney Levinson
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