Travel agents are digging their own graves

Travel Agents are Digging Their Own Grave

By opting to work with “Affiliate Program Owners” (OTA’s) travel agents are killing their own futures

Travel Agents are digging their own Graves

Hard working travel agents are leaving their destiny in the hand’s of the OTA’s who they are addicted to using.

It’s common sense that by helping OTA’s build THEIR business, the travel agent is harming their own. OTA’s with affiliate programs are sucking the life from small businesses around the world, destroying their individuality.

Agents are actively exposing their clients to their competitors, giving away their data, their IP, their future. OTA’s remove the ability of the agent to be agile with their pricing structures when they set the sell price onto the pax credit card.

Over time the balance of power shifts and the OTA’s  start squeezing the commission percentage and scale down rewards. Next they bypass agents altogether and go straight to YOUR customers. You’re out of the loop and out of a job.  Webjet have been nice to travel agents.

Buying from an OTA with an Affiliate Program is funding a mega multinational (who isn’t paying enough tax) for a fat cat executive to make their next yacht repayment.

Using a travel agent helps put food on the table of small and medium business, pay school fee’s.  The odd family holiday.

Wholesalers like roomsXML rely on your growth for their growth.  roomsXML will invest in building YOUR business by empowering you to set your own pricing, by providing the service YOUR customers desire and by not competing with you.

Your future is in your hands.

If you are interested in determining your own future instead of working FOR one of the big OTA’s, then call roomsXML on 1800 766 670 (NZ 0800 00 12 14) or click here

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