Nepal through the eyes of Tourists

Nepal through the eyes of Tourists

We interviewed around 25-30 tourist around few touristy places in kathmandu. A random idea of asking a few interesting questions to foreigners took a shape of a almost 7 and half minute video. One of the hardest parts was to shorten the huge content we had collected over the course of interviewing.

It was quite an interesting experience for us to get to know about our country from people who come to travel here. A lot of funny moments, interesting and few surprising too. Not that we didn’t know about our country but this experience has certainly made us realize more on how luck and beautiful we people are.

We hope this video will certainly make you feel more positive and proud at the same time.

Jai desh Jai Nepal

Special thanks to:- Susana Rana and Saugat Adhikari



Source = Video Log Nepal
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