How wearable technologies are used by maintenance crew


Take a look at some of the top speakers who will be speaking at the Aviation Festival Americas – taking place on May 24-25 in Miami, FL.

The Aviation Festival is made up World Low Cost Airlines, AirXperience, Aviation IT, Air Retail and Aviation Interiors Show. There’s a lot to see and a lot to learn, so here’s just a quick review get started.

Steve Bogie, Senior Director, Operations IT, Air Canada

Efficient aircraft turnaround times on the ground could mean the difference between profit and loss for an airline.

AirCanada’s Senior Director of Operation IT will discuss how wearable technologies can improve maintenance procedures and how Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) systems can optimize route efficiency.

In addition, determine with Steve if equipping front line employees and crew with mobile technology to foster passenger personalization can also prove it’s investment worth.

Manoel Suhet, VP of Sales, LATAM Airlines Group; Rafael Andres Martinez, Head of Distribution & Revenue Management, Aerolineas Argentinas; Anton Diego, Founder & CEO, EveryMundo; Peter Cerda, Regional VP, Americas, IATA

Political and economic instability in Latin America has affected everything from global financial markets to regional commercial airlines.

LATAM Airlines Group, Aerolineas Argentinas, EveryMundo, and IATA will discuss distribution in LatAm and the Caribbean and tackle the issues around low travel volumes, regional carriers competing with national carriers, and OTAs competing with metasearch engines. Also, learn where will investing in big data projects come into play.

James Callaghan, Chief Technologist, WestJet

Engaging airline passengers through WiFi and connectivity has now become a staple, and often times an expectation.

WestJet’s Chief Technologist, James Callaghan will discuss the implications for LCCs delivering connectivity and uncover new techniques to ensure a superior in-flight experience capable for any airline to adopt.

Source = Aviation Festival Americas
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