Festive Macao to greet Year of the Monkey with colour


Festive Macao to greet Year of the Monkey with colour

The streets of historic Macao will come alive to the sights and sounds of a giant party as the former Portuguese enclave celebrates Chinese New Year with colourful parades, highly-charged performances, bright lights, fireworks – and plenty more.

Both on the third and sixth day of the Lunar New Year (February 10 and 13, 2016), as many as 14 floats will form a street parade in celebrating the Year of the Monkey.

More than 1300 local and international street performers will entertain the crowds during the processions, the February 13 parade beamed by TV networks in a number of countries.

Australian viewers will be able to capture the very essence of the New Year celebrations in a telecast on Chinese TV station TVB.

“This is certainly an exciting time to be in Macao,” said Helen Wong, general manager of the Macao Government Tourism Office in Australia. “The colour and general vibrancy of the Chinese New Year celebrations is not to be missed.

“The initial parade will kick off with a launch ceremony in front of Macao Science Center with the procession moving through Avenida Dr Sun Yat-Sen to Sai Van Lake Square.

“The day’s activities will culminate with spectacular fireworks.”

Significantly, the fictitious yet legendary Monkey King will organise a gathering in the Celestial Court to “bestow New Year blessings”.

In addition to the general Chinese New Year celebrations, the Macao Government Tourism Office will present “Valentine’s Day Fantasia – The Fairytale of Lights” for romantics, beginning on February 7 through till February 29.

The dazzling display of lights will decorate an area around the historic Taipa Houses-Museum and will be accompanied by a three-dimensional show, to be unveiled on Friday, February 12.

Source = Macao Tourism
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