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The world is a busy place, but somebody’s got to plan for it. New social planning, travel and productivity application, MESH(tm) does just that, bringing every aspect of social event coordination into one place, right on the iPhone.

MESH is an application designed to help groups of people easily coordinate and organize activities and events. This spans basic get-togethers through to sophisticated travel plans, with secure group chatrooms, private messaging, activity signup, calendar, flights & hotel reservations, and payment sharing, all conveniently integrated via the MESH app.Attending Event Page (1)

The differentiating factor for MESH is in the variety and abundance of event coordination utilities, which are broader than any other social productivity application released to date.

“The concept for MESH came from the simple act of living and being pulled in so many directions at once when trying to set any group activity,” said MESH CEO Ryan Ball.

“There was an email chain, then a PayPal chain, then a group text, then tracking down flights, and it became more of a nuisance than fun to plan anything. MESH is a simple solution to keep things fun and easy, all in one place.”

Menu and Home ScreenMESH is free to consumers to download and use, and available now on the iTunes App Store. The software has completed all Beta testing, has recently completed a new update, and is currently in active use by subscribers.

The software application is planned to also expand to Android in early 2016, and a web portal in the year that follows.

MESH is also currently working with large corporations to develop a business version of the application, which can be used internally or externally, as white label software or on a licensing basis.

“While the software’s initial inspiration was for the consumer, MESH provides a powerful tool for large corporations to work with their employees to streamline business travel and activity planning,” said Ball. “It’s something we’re very excited about.”

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